School Building

The school infrastructure is designed in a way that the children could have opportunity to learn through playing. The school building itself acts as a learning aid. The architecture is such that it attracts children towards the school, promotes activities and increases peer learning opportunities by making the whole campus a child friendly one.

Special care is taken to monitor and maintain -Right Lighting, Clean and comfortable air quality, Safety and security, Sound acoustics, Anthropological and social aspects of class rooms and transitional spaces, Sensory stimulation harmony through use of colourful patterns on walls and floors, Supervisable circulation spaces (such as hallways and corridors).

Class Room

Every classroom at our school is Attractive, spacious, bright, ventilated and furnished with imported furnitures that are ergonomically designed confirming to the standards specified for kids to develop the right posture and comfortably sit on for many days of their schooling. Each classroom is equipped with a smart board that comes with a host of interactive features, providing a very lively and enriching session between the students and the teacher.

Also, each class sesssion can be recorded allowing recaps for the next class. So no more messy black board and chalk dust.

Play Ground

Its impact on children's learning and development. Play is the key to physical, mental, intellectual and social well being of children.The school playground is an important facility for children to play every day on their own initiative.we have sufficient paly ground for our children.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Our school not just lays emphasis on studies, but also has sports activity weaved into the curriculum. We have a large play ground earmarked for various sports activities. Each day a period is allocated for sports and let the students break away from confines of the classroom and studies.

Cultural Hall

Learning Through Play helps children develop their creativity, self-esteem and motor skills with a variety of workshops: arts, music, drama, dance and creative games.

During the period from birth to 5 years of age, children undergo massive transformations in size, biological organization, behavioral capacities, and the social organization of experience that greatly complicate our understanding of the relation between culture and their learning processes.

School Bus Facility

School Bus Facility for students and staff available from Various Corners of City... Bus provided with Cctv Cameras, and tracking system for security assistance.